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Our Storage Facility

Willow End Park, Malvern, WR13 6NN


Office Opening Hours

M-F: 9am – 4pm


Facility Opening Hours

Accessible 24/7 

Storage Container Terms

Sarik Hobbies Ltd trading as TS Storage

Terms of Agreement

  1. The Rental Period will commence on date of agreement, for a minimum period of one month.
  2. The storage charge will be payable on the same day of each month moving forward.
  3. The storage charge will be paid monthly  (inclusive of taxes), to be paid in advance.
  4. A deposit for locks and keys is required if using our locks (please see further information below).


There is 24/7 Access to Storage Units

Office opening times are 9.00 AM and 4.00 PM, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours the Hirer must bring their own key/combination for barrier as the office will not be open.

Use of the Container

  1. Hirers may use the unit for storage and no other purpose. It is the Hirer’s obligation to check that the unit is suitable for storing their goods. Please be aware that the containers do get warm inside.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to insure the contents.
  3. The owner shall not be responsible for insuring the goods kept, at any point during the period of the agreement.
  4. No storage will be allowed outside, under any circumstances. Any items or rubbish left outside of the storage unit will be chargeable including on the roof/top.
  5. The storage of the following items is not permitted:
  • Any flammable or combustible materials or liquids such as fuels, oil or solvents.
  • Perishable goods or foods.
  • Animals or animal products.
  • Hazardous and dangerous items such as explosives, ammunition, toxic waste, asbestos, chemicals, radioactive materials, weapons or firearms.
  • Illegal substances, items and goods or any other items which have been obtained illegally
  • Any goods or items which emit fumes, smells or odours.

6. The hirer may not attach anything to the walls, ceiling floor or doors of the unit and must advise the TS Storage if any damage to the unit occurs.

Terms of Use

  1. Vehicles are allowed only for the purpose of delivering and collecting from the site. If any unauthorised vehicles are left at the site overnight there will be a charge of per night.
  2. TS Storage will not take any responsibility for the loss, or damage, to the contents of the container, under any circumstances.
  3. Hirers are responsible for ensuring their unit is locked prior to leaving the site. The Company will not take responsibility for goods lost or damaged on site when the Hirer is loading/unloading or for unsecured goods on site.
  4. Fire Risk: In the event of a fire caused by yourselves or by your neglect, damage to the above container and any adjacent items, will be chargeable to yourselves.
  5. Hirers give their permission to allow us to break their lock, and/or for access to their unit in an emergency. We will also access the unit, if required to do so by the Police, H.M. Customs & Excise, Fire Services, Local Authority or by a Court Order.
  6. TS Storage shall not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a direct result of our performance of this Agreement being prevented, hindered or delayed by reason of any Act of God, riot, strike or lock-out, trade dispute or labour disturbance, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, difficulty in obtaining workmen, materials or transport, electrical power, internet or computer failures or other circumstances whatsoever outside our control and which affect the provision by us of access to or use of the unit.

Keys and Locks

If requested, TS Storage will provide two locks with keys for the Hirer to use. It is up to the Hirer to decide whether they think these are sufficient and they may wish to add additional locks.

There will be a deposit payable at the start of the contract to cover the cost of replacement locks and keys. If the locks are returned in working order with all the keys, a full refund of the deposit will be given. If for any reason in the sole view of TS Storage the padlock is returned in a non working condition with or without keys, or if keys have been lost, the deposit shall be forfeited.

TS Storage is not responsible for the locks and the Hirer may use their own.

The Hirer shall be solely responsible for the security of the container and its contents whilst occupied. TS Storage shall not check if the unit is locked whilst occupied, nor shall it have any liability to do so at any time, nor shall it be responsible for any loss actual or subsequent, whether arising directly or indirectly from any such loss.

Failure to secure the container(s) will put your goods at risk.

Termination of Contract

This agreement can be terminated by either party, with one month’s notice. On termination of this agreement all goods must be removed from the unit, which should be left clean and tidy and in the same condition as the commencement date. We may make an appropriate charge if we have to clean the unit or dispose of any goods or rubbish left in the unit, or on the site. Any goods left in the unit after termination, will be considered as abandoned, and disposed of.

Breach of Contract

If any part of the Rent Fees are outstanding two months after the due date we will:

(a) give you written notice that we will remove all the Goods in the Unit if you have not paid all outstanding amounts due in full within 7 days of the posting of that notice by us to you at your email and address set out in this contract;

(b) on expiry of the 7 days’ notice, sell the goods and use the proceeds of sale against any outstanding fees. If the proceeds of sale are insufficient to discharge your outstanding liability to us then you will remain liable for the balance;

(c) treat any of the Goods not sold as abandoned and destroy or otherwise dispose of them.

TS Storage is a part of Sarik Hobbies Ltd.

After the initial payment is received, if the Hirer does not accept our terms and conditions, we will allow the Hirer 48 hours to withdraw from the contract and a full refund will be given.